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Circe | Madeline Miller
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HMS  Glory  1945-1961 by Neil McCart (Hardback, 2002)
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J r r Tolkien music book, The road goes ever on a song cycle
$1.13 EUR
Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles | Tom Bower
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SIGNED JK Rowling Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix 1st Edition HB DC
$6.26 EUR - 4 bids
The Secret Service #5 (Icon, Mar 2013) NM 1st Print
$1.13 EUR
The Secret Service #1 (Icon, Jun 2012) NM 1st Print
$1.13 EUR
X-men 141 & 142 ( Cbcs 8.5) Not Cgc.
$56.9 EUR
Batgirl #1 New52 (DC, Nov 2011) NM 3rd Print
$1.13 EUR
The Art of Marc Mckee BOOK World Industries skateboard 101 Skateboarding RARE
$1.13 EUR - 1 bid
The Woman in the Window: The Most Exciting Debut Thriller of the Year
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Somebody I Used to Know | Wendy Mitchell
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Dictatorland: The Men Who Stole Africa | Paul Kenyon
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The Western Wind | Samantha Harvey
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Death of an Honest Man
Buy: $8.86 EUR
The Fates Divide | Veronica Roth
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The Only Story | Julian Barnes
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Form: My Autobiography | Kieren Fallon
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Portraits BELVEDERE COLLEGE 1832-1982 John Bowman A History of the Irish School
$18.95 EUR
De Freine, Seán, The Great Silence - HB in DJ FNT 1965 Irish Decline
$30.0 EUR
No Place to Lay One's Head by Francoise Frenkel
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Andrews, C.S - Man of no Property - HB 1st Edition 1982 Politics Autobiography
$10.0 EUR
The Art of John Alvin - Hardcover NEW John Alvin(Auth 2014-08-22
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Believe In Me | Susan Lewis
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I Wish I Had Your Wings   by Angus Mansfield  . .  Operation Pedestal Malta 1942
$11.37 EUR
Mr Stink | David Walliams
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Action Comics #1000 - Hardback (17 Apr 2018) NEW Various (author
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 Francis Hitching - Earth Magic 1st Ed Hb 1976 - Megalaithic Archaeology Mystery
$10.0 EUR
End Game
Buy: $10.54 EUR
$1.49 EUR
Eamonn Mac Thomáis Janey Mack, Me Shirt is Black 1st Ed 1982 Dublin Street Life
$35.0 EUR
$1.49 EUR
Whatever Shines Should Be Observed Ireland Irish Women History Astronomy
$9.99 EUR - 1 bid
Jenkins, William - Tipperary Co-Op - Origin & Development - Agriculture History
$24.0 EUR
Dark Pines: A Tuva Moodyson Mystery 1 - Paperback NEW
Buy: $11.45 EUR
ALBUMS DE CROY.  26 volumes. Jean-Marie Duvosquel. & Sotheby's Sale Cat.19/06/01
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French Tanks of the Great War: Development, Tactics and Operations Tim Gale NEW
$17.92 EUR
Stormtrooper on the Eastern Front: Fighting with Hitler's Latvian SS:  New
$17.06 EUR
 Panzers in the Sand: The History of the Panzer-Regiment 5 1935 - 1941: Hardback
Buy: $19.17 EUR
Simon Raven. The Islands of Sorrow. 1st ed.  Signed?. The Winged Lion, 1994.
Buy: $25.0 EUR
Sittenfeld, Curtis Sisterland - Hardcover Uk 1st Edition 2013
$4.0 EUR
Fay Ellis - SUMMERS OF YESTERDAY Norbury, Countess 1934 Travel Scandinavia HB
$15.0 EUR
Peter Taylor - Loyalists Ulster's Protestant Paramilitaries Hardback 1st Ed 1999
$12.0 EUR
Bradshaw's Handbook: 1861 Railway Handbook of Great Britain and Ireland RRP £20
$14.78 EUR
Metamorphoses by Ovid & Folio Society Limited Edition, Highly Collectable Book
Buy: $250.35 EUR
Frederick the Great, by Nancy Mitford 1970
Buy: $25.0 EUR
The World Atlas of Architecture
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 Wonderland Of Toys Volume 3 Tin Toy Cars by T. Kitahara 1984 Hardback VGC
$1.13 EUR - 1 bid
 Henry Scott Tuke Paintings from Cornwall, by Catherine Wallace (2008)
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No Place to Lay One's Head (Hardback) - Hardback NEW Frenkel, Franco 25/01/2018
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The Sieges of Alexander The Great: Stephen English: NEW History Hardback
Buy: $17.06 EUR
The Victorian House: Domestic Life from Childbirth to Deathbed-Judith Flanders
Buy: $10.0 EUR
Dark in Death - In Death (Hardback) - Hardback NEW Robb, J. D. 30/01/2018
Buy: $16.61 EUR
Historische Landhuizen
Buy: $8.0 EUR
The 7th Function of Language  - Paperback NEW Binet, Laurent 04/01/2018
Buy: $8.08 EUR
'Kickass 2' Graphic Novel by Mark Miller and John Romita JR.
$5.0 EUR
The Sun King, by Nancy Mitford 1966
Buy: $25.0 EUR
Precursors of Nelson: British Admirals of the Eighteenth Century (2000-12-01)
Buy: $20.0 EUR
The British Cavalry Sword from 1600 by Charles Martyn (Hardback, 2004)
$17.06 EUR
Maharajas, Resonance from the Past by Charles Allen
Buy: $90.0 EUR
RIVERS of IRELAND A Flyfisher's Guide by Peter O'Reilly 6th Edition Hardback
$11.95 EUR
Hello Sailor! The hidden history of gay life at sea: Gay Life for Seamen
Buy: $20.0 EUR
Heraldry in Historic Houses of Great Britain
Buy: $25.0 EUR
Johnson, Paul - A History of the Jews  Hardback 1st Ed 1987
$14.0 EUR
Pictures and Passions: A History of Homosexuality in the Visual Arts Hardcover
Buy: $20.0 EUR
Royals at Work-A thousand years of collaboration between Danish monarchs & busin
Buy: $100.0 EUR
Crown Covenant and Cromwell: The Civil Wars in Scotland 1639–1651 (New Hardback)
$19.0 EUR
Wellington's Highland Warriors From the Black Watch Mutiny to Battle of Waterloo
$13.37 EUR
Dark Pines : A Tuva Moodyson Mystery 1 by Will Dean   9781786072535
$10.28 EUR
RSVP by Helen Warner (Paperback)
$5.63 EUR
Cold is the Grave by Peter Robinson (Paperback)
$5.63 EUR
The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah: The Autobiography
Buy: $13.54 EUR
NEW Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born by Robin Furth (Hardback, 2007)
Buy: $14.78 EUR
DC Universe by Neil Gaimen Hardback Graphic Novel, Batman stories, Superman, etc
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WORLD WAR II in CARTOONS by Mark Bryant Hardback
$10.0 EUR
X-MEN '92 #1 - Secret Wars - Spider Gwen VARIANT COVER
$6.82 EUR
The Royal Air Force: Vol 1: The Trenchard Years 1918 to 1929 (New Hardback)
$28.45 EUR
 Eyes of the Night: Air Defence of North-Western England 1940-41 by Joe Bamford
$17.64 EUR
Wild Wealth. Paul Bigelow Sears,Marion Rombauer Becker,Janice Rebert Forberg
Buy: $10.0 EUR
The Growth Illusion. Richard Douthwaite
Buy: $15.0 EUR
Cujo - Stephen King - First US Edition 1981 - Hardback Book - 1st
$11.37 EUR - 1 bid
A Century of British Naval Aviation 1909-2009 by David Wragg (New Maritime)
$17.06 EUR
Pike Fishing with Neville Fickling. 1992, 1st. SIGNED
Buy: $10.24 EUR
British Concentration Camps:  Brief History 1900-1975 - Simon Webb NEW Hardback
$16.22 EUR
A Century of Air Warfare with Nine (IX) Squadron RAF: Still Going Strong NEW
$17.92 EUR
A Spitfire Pilot's Story: Pat Hughes Battle of Britain Top Gun - Dennis Newton
$21.34 EUR
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone FIRST Edition, Hardback No. 1-10
$176.39 EUR - 20 bids
Air Combat Over the Eastern Front and Korea: A Soviet Fighter Pilot Remembers
Buy: $16.89 EUR
 Service Most Silent: The Navy's Fight Against Enemy Mines by John Frayn Turner
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Nemesis the warlock issues 1-7 Eagle Comics
$14.99 EUR
The Fourth Force: The Royal Fleet Auxiliary Since the War by Geoff Puddefoot
$22.7 EUR
Underground Structures of the Cold War: The World Below - Paul Ozorak NEW
$21.05 EUR
Misogynation: The True Scale­of Sexism - Hardback NEW Bates, Laura 22/02/2018
Buy: $12.61 EUR
Air War East Africa 1940-41 by Jon Sutherland ( New Hardback)
$18.2 EUR
Silvered Wings: The Memoirs of Air Vice-Marshal Sir John Severne: New Hardback
$18.59 EUR
UNDER MY HAT Tales from the Cauldron Neil Gaiman Jonathan Strahan Book NEW
$9.09 EUR
Spider-man The Mutant Agenda issue 1
$13.99 EUR
 In Love & War: The Lives and Marriage of General Harry and Lady Smith
$18.16 EUR
 Aircraft Down: Landings, Crash Landings and Rescues by Alec Brew (NewHardback)
$17.01 EUR
Spider-man the Mutant Agenda special collector's edition issue #0
$9.99 EUR