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Glynn, Joseph A - Life of Matt Talbot 1856-1923- HB 4th Ed 1932 Dublin
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Jenkins, William - Tipperary Co-Op - Origin & Development - Agriculture History
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Hugh Johnson-The Story of Wine (Mitchell Beazley Drink) (Illustrated edition)
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Marvel Zombies 2 "IRON MAN!" (2007) #3 Ref. 138
$12.0 EUR
Absolute Sweden by Benno Thoma
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Tiger Tank Manual: Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf. E (SdKfz 181) Model by Step
$12.08 EUR
The Four Agreements Illustrated Edition: A Practical Guide to P... 9781878424310
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KS1 Addition & Subtraction Gold Stars Book With 50 Stickers Ages 6-7 Years New
$4.59 EUR
KS2 Schofield & Sims English Skills Learning Workbooks Kids Ages 7-12 Answers
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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen THE TEMPEST #3 by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill
$5.75 EUR
Letts Make it Easy English & Maths Ages 3-4 yrs (set of 2 workbooks) NEW!!!!
$5.74 EUR
The Boys Brigade in Plymouth 1887-1983...William J. F. Lapthorn...Signed Edition
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Gold Stars Maths English Writing Reading & Counting reception Ages 4-5 years New
$13.8 EUR
The Bellona Manual of Military Field works of The 18th & 19th Century
$6.89 EUR
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen THE TEMPEST #4 by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill
$5.75 EUR
BUFFON Natural History BIRDS 1787 Vol 11 CUCKOO Red Lory Alexandrine Parakeet <br/> With 6 Beautiful Hand Coloured plates LEATHER
$1.14 EUR
BUFFON Natural History BIRDS 1787 Vol 10 Wren Wallcreeper Blue Pitpit 3 Col Plts
$1.14 EUR
$1.14 EUR
Collectable British Warships & Auxiliaries Mike Critchley 1985/86
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Collectable British Warships & Auxiliaries Steve Bush 2013/14
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Vintage 1960s Paint By Numbers booklet by Amex London - unused
$2.29 EUR
H.M.S. DISCOVERY...A Short Account of Captain Scott's Famous Ship
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LYDEKKER Handbook Marsupialia & Monotremata. LLOYD'S 1896 With 38 Chromo Plates
$1.14 EUR
Nightingale Beauties of England 1815 MIDDLESEX Leather 27 Steel ENGRAVINGS
$1.14 EUR
BYRON Childe Harold's Pilgrimage Romance Illustrated Attractive Ramage Binding
$1.14 EUR
Advice to Officers of the British Army HB/DJ  1946 REPRINT OF 1782
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Remind Me: Colourful Illustrated Dua Reminders (Learning Roots - Children -Kids)
$6.89 EUR
** THE TOPPER BOOK 1973 ** Annual (Good Condition) FREE UK P&P
$9.19 EUR
** THE TOPPER BOOK 1979 ** Annual (V/Good Condition) FREE UK P&P
$9.19 EUR
LOMAX THE FIRST TEN YEARS. LOMAX MOTOR CO. Tom Lucas. 1997. Fully Illustrated.
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paperback book Juliet Gardiner THE PEOPLES WAR pictures from the past
$3.44 EUR
J. G WOOD Nature’s Teachings Human Invention Anticipated by Nature 1885 Woodcuts
$1.14 EUR
J. Norris Brewer Beauties of England 1816 MIDDLESEX Leather 44 Steel ENGRAVINGS
$1.14 EUR - 1 bid
Boba Fett, Enemy Of The Empire, Ian Gibson, Carlos Ezquerra, Titan Graphic Novel
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** THE BEANO BOOK 1983 ** Annual Excellent Condition & Unclipped FREE UK P&P
$11.5 EUR
** THE BEANO BOOK 1984 ** Annual (Good Condition) FREE UK P&P
$9.19 EUR
Berta Lawrence SOMERSET LEGENDS hardback + dj 1973 First Edition UK hardcover VG
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Collectable British Warships Since 1945 Part 5 Frigates Mike Critchley
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CV Wedgwood The Thirty Years War 1618-1648  -  The Folio Society HB
$17.26 EUR
'The lid off Laser 558' - by Paul Rusling - The offshore Pirate Radio Station.
$5.74 EUR
first comprehension set of 2 Workbooks Pack Age 6-8 KS1 & KS2 Year 1,2 New
$12.07 EUR
Percival Westell COUNTRY RAMBLES 1908 1st edition Illustrated by J.T. Newman
$1.14 EUR
Charles G. HARPER A Londoner's Own London. Illustrated by the Author 1927 1st
$4.59 EUR
Aspects of Bradford: Discovering Local History - Yorkshire
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US Marine in World War I (Warrior 178) - Ed & Catherine Gilbert
$8.6 EUR
Frank Finn & Robinson Birds of Our Country Their Eggs, Nests, Life Haunts 2 Vols
$4.59 EUR
UP THE HAMMERS! West Ham Battalion in the Great War 1914-18 13th Essex Regiment
Buy: $11.33 EUR
The Call of the Wild by Jack London 2013 Folio Society illustrator Abigail Rorer
Buy: $14.38 EUR
Judy For Girls 1966 Annual. Illustrated Hardback in Dustjacket. DC Thomson. 1965
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LeapAhead Early Learning Maths & English Workbook Pack Ages 3-4 Reception Year
$5.74 EUR
The HG Panzer Division by Alfred Otte (Hardback, 1991)
$11.51 EUR
BOLLAND STRIPS! by Brian Bolland
$11.51 EUR
Indian Culture: Why Do We? by Radhika Krishnakumar Hindu Vedanta religious book
$3.45 EUR
Collectable British Warships & Auxiliaries Steve Bush 2014/2015
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Collectable British Warships & Auxiliaries Steve Bush 2012/13
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History Webbs Brewery  Ray Morris 1997 1st Ed Breweriana Wales Local Interest
Buy: $25.31 EUR
Angels and Demons: Special Illustrated Collector's Edi... by Brown, Dan Hardback
$4.41 EUR
The Forts of Judaea 168 BC-AD 73: Maccabees to the Fall of Masada (Fortress 65)
$8.23 EUR
Judy For Girls 1965 Annual. Illustrated Hardback in Dustjacket. DC Thomson. 1964
Buy: $11.51 EUR
Judgement of History: Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien, Lord French and 1914 - Beckett
$14.38 EUR
home learning Literacy Numeracy pack KS1 Children Age 5-6 School Year 1 Workbook
$26.45 EUR
Vicksburg 1863; Grant Clears the Mississippi - Hankinson (Campaign 26)
$5.18 EUR
BRIGHT Lydia Morris FAMOUS MUSICAL COMPOSERS Biographies of Eminent Musicians
$4.59 EUR
WARNES On The Cultivation of Flax Fattening of Cattle with Native Produce 1847
$4.59 EUR
Gold Stars Maths & English Set of 2 Workbooks For Children/Kids Age 7-9 Year KS2
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Collectable Paperback West Country Warships Royal Navy Leo Marriott
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Did You Know? Warwick: A Miscellany (New Hardback,)
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Torokina: A Wartime Memoir, 1941-1945 - Donald Dean Jackson
$9.84 EUR
$34.52 EUR
SATs Practice English & Maths Ages 9-10 (set of 2 books)
$10.34 EUR
AIRCRAFT ILLUSTRATED Magazine February 1970 Mint
$1.14 EUR
The Guards Came Through; An illustrated History of the Guards in the Great War
$10.36 EUR
Supermarine Spitifire by Jerry Scutts (Paperback, 2002)
$8.88 EUR
Donitz and the Wolf Packs (A&AP 1996 1st) Bernard Edwards
$9.19 EUR
American Expeditionary Forces in World War I - Votaw (Battle Orders 6)
$10.15 EUR
Born For Sacrifice; True Story of 'Madeleine' - Fuller (Great Pan 60)
$8.0 EUR
Tank Data Volume 3 Proving Ground Series
Buy: $28.77 EUR
Tank Data Volume 2  Proving Ground Series
Buy: $28.77 EUR
The Chinese People's Liberation Army Since 1949: Ground Forces by Benjamin Lai (
$9.09 EUR
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The White Album book ISBN 9781781778562 hardback Beatles Brian Southall C Thomas
$2.29 EUR
Air International Volume Thirteen (13) July-December 1977
$11.79 EUR
Jagdpanther vs SU-100: Eastern Front 1945 by David R. Higgins (Paperback, 2014)
$9.78 EUR
Forgotten General; A Life of Andrew Thorne - Donald Lindsay
$14.19 EUR
Memoirs of General The Lord Ismay *Good 1960 1st Ed Hardback*
$11.68 EUR
THE HAYES HANDGUN OMNIBUS: Ian Skennerton & Ronald D. Hayes
Buy: $40.27 EUR
Operation Agreement: Jewish Commandos and the Raid on Tobruk - John Sadler
$9.78 EUR
Tank Data, Aberdeen Proving Ground series Volume 1
Buy: $23.01 EUR
Tankograd 6016: U.S. WWII 105MM Howitzers M2A1 & M3
Buy: $9.78 EUR
KS2 Handwriting Spelling & More Spelling Help With Homework Workbooks Ages 7+ Yr
$9.19 EUR
British Battle Insignia: Bk.2: 1939-45 by Mike Chappell (Paperback, 1987)
$8.88 EUR
$6.9 EUR
The King Of The Poachers
$23.01 EUR
City of Plymouth
$46.01 EUR
The White Album book ISBN 9781781778562 hardback Beatles Brian Southall C Thomas
$5.74 EUR
Churches of the Yorkshire Wolds (2) Christine R Barker 1985  Glossy Illustrated
$5.74 EUR
Panzer IV vs Sherman: France 1944 by Steven J. Zaloga (Paperback, 2015)
$9.78 EUR
Thomas Becket. By Frank Barlow. 2000 Phoenix Press PB. Illustrated. As New
$6.89 EUR
THE CATHOLIC CHURCH STORY - changing & changeless P/B by Edward Day 1976
Buy: $17.09 EUR
Buy: $9.21 EUR