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Alarm Clock JUNGHANS to Charge Years 80 'New' Super
Buy: $49.39 EUR
Art Nouveau Junghans Mantel Clock Pillar Clock Walnut Brass Westminster 20.JHD
Buy: $999.88 EUR
Vintage Junghans Quartz Brass Mantel Clock - in working order
$10.92 EUR
Buy: $125.63 EUR
Rare Table Clock / Furniture Junghans Meister Watch 3 Days Period
Buy: $420.86 EUR
Antique Clock Pendulum Wall Junghans - Box Craft Wood -dial And Pendulum
Buy: $199.17 EUR
Junghans Max Bill Small Wall Clock | Lines
Buy: $274.03 EUR
Beautiful Old Wall Clock With Cable Watch Old Vintage
Buy: $111.11 EUR
Vintage Table Clock - JUNGHANS Ato Movement - Diehl Design - Brass Case
Buy: $52.38 EUR
Vintage 34cm Junghans Wall Clock - Metal Retro Tin Mid Century Antique Art Deco
$65.56 EUR
vintage Wall Clock Retro Sun BEAMS Pendulum ato junghans WANDUHR horloge soliel
$269.26 EUR
 Maple wooden Analogue Roman Numerals Junghans quartz Wall Clock
$32.77 EUR
vintage WALL CLOCK kienzle Ceramic  Wall Pendulum old antique Wand Uhr Art vtg
$115.4 EUR
vintage WALL CLOCK Crystal JUNGHANS Sunburst Wall Pendulum old CRYSTALS
$105.78 EUR
Junghans Spare Key Winding Key Clock Key Gold Coloured Jgh 766
Buy: $14.49 EUR
Vintage 31cm Junghans Wall Clock - Metal Retro Tin Mid Century Antique Grey Gift
$81.95 EUR
L517 ⭐⭐Vintage Junghans Synchron - Vox Table Clock Alarm 70er Years Design ⭐⭐
Buy: $51.4 EUR
K727 ⭐⭐Vintage Junghans Mechanical Movement Table Clock Mantel Clock ⭐⭐
Buy: $72.38 EUR
K498 ⭐⭐Vintage " Junghans " Hand Wound Travel Alarm Clock 70er Years Design ⭐⭐
Buy: $93.36 EUR
R993 ⭐⭐Vintage " Junghans Ato-Mat " Table Clock 70er Years Design ⭐⭐
Buy: $82.87 EUR
Beautiful Vintage Junghans Quartz Brass Case Carriage Mantel Clock
$13.11 EUR