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MPP 5x4 inch technical camera with Schneider - Kreuznach Xenar 135mm f4.7 lens <br/> Press & technical camera ideal for studio/architecture
$259.42 EUR - 12 bids
Sinar F2 body with standard bellow
Buy: $420.0 EUR
Rodenstock 4x Aspheric Loupe Lupe Magnifier large format film 10x8 5x4 camera
$42.86 EUR - 13 bids
Heiland Research 3-Cell Flash for Graflex press cameras; complete, working
$52.22 EUR
Harrison Dark Cloth 5x4 10x8 11x14 large format camera medium wetplate
$15.23 EUR - 6 bids
Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphic Camera "3x4" With Film 127mm Ektar lens
$76.31 EUR
Zone VI 5x4 4x5 large format mahogany folding field camera - excellent condition
Buy: $901.21 EUR
Harrison Film Changing Tent Darkroom Dark Large Format  5x4 10x8
$56.4 EUR - 14 bids
 4x5 inch pinhole camera, Vermeer pinhole camera
Buy: $63.16 EUR
5x4 LARGE FORMAT PINHOLE CAMERA  noon pinhole  4x5 LF  FP100B FP100C
Buy: $91.36 EUR
[AB- Exc] Sinar F 4x5 45 Body Large Format Camera w/ Bellows From JAPAN Y3854
$287.58 EUR
[C Normal] TOYO FIELD 45A 4x5 Large Format Folding Field Camera From JAPAN Y4028
$504.48 EUR
Linhof Super Technika  IV 4x5 Large Format+Cut Film Holder 5Packs from JP #812
Buy: $722.9 EUR
[Rare READ] Wista Rittreck View 5x7 Large Format w/ Exc 3Lens from Japan #450
$706.9 EUR
EXC+++ TOPCON HORSEMAN 980 w/TOKYO KOGAKU TOPCOR PRO 105mm f3.5 from japan #707
$265.08 EUR
Used Rodenstock Apo Gerogon S 270mm F11 Enlarger Lens
$169.19 EUR
【MINT + Haed Case】 SINAR P2 4x5 Large format + Nikkor W 150mm From Japan #1756
$1606.54 EUR
Near Mint Tachihara 4x5 Fiel Stand Large Format Wood Camera from japan #706
$722.9 EUR
【EX+++】Wista 45 RF Large Format Field Film Camera from Japan #68497
$465.91 EUR
【NEAR MINT+++】Wista 45 RF 4x5 Large Format Field Film Camera from Japan #531
$883.56 EUR
Cambo Calumet Master PC 4x5 Large Format Film View Camera
Buy: $445.61 EUR
SINAR F2 4X5 Large Format Camera Body Excellent #180109a
$366.31 EUR
Arca Swiss 4x5 Large Format Camera with Many Opt. in Excellent Cond. From Japan
$802.51 EUR
TOP MINT Horseman 45FA 4x5 Medium Large Format Film Camera Body from Japan a479
$642.64 EUR
Exc+++] Topcon Horseman 980 + Mamiya Sekor 65mm f6.3 Seikosha-S From Jpn #502174
$506.0 EUR
Topcon Horseman Press + 65mm f5.6 + 105mm f3.5 Seikosha-SLV From Japan #1502235
$441.74 EUR
Wista Field 4x5 Wood Large Format Film Camera. Board. Horizon 10x Loupe
$763.14 EUR
Horseman 45FA Large Format + Rodenstock Sironar-N 150mm F5.6 MC Lens. Release
$714.95 EUR
RARE【NEAR MINT】Rittreck View 5×7 MUSASHINO KOKI  W/ 6×7 Filmback from japan #253
$240.98 EUR
Cambo SC ll 4x5 Large Format View Camera From Japan **N MINT in Hard Case**
$175.11 EUR
Horseman 45FA Large Format Film Camera
$554.28 EUR
EXC+++++ WISTA 45 BLACK w/ FUJINON WS 150mm F5.6 Large Format Camera From O1
$562.31 EUR
EXC+++++ TOYO FIELD SAKAI SPECIAL 4x5 Large format Field camera From Japan 675
$321.32 EUR
Exc++ SINAR SYSTEM C. KOCH Large Format Film Camera w/ 65mm Lens 6x7 Film Back
Buy: $1143.91 EUR
【Near Mint】Graflex Speed Graphic 4x5 Camera w/ Finder Film Holder x3 Japan #389
$401.65 EUR
Buy: $2199.46 EUR
MINT IN HARD CASE Sinar P2 4x5 Large Format Camera + Symmar S 150mm From Japan
$1590.55 EUR
Rittreck 8x10 5x7  6 1/2 x 8 1/2  wholeplate  film holders lens shade
$963.97 EUR
[A Top Mint] Horseman 45 FA 4x5 Large Format Film Camera Body From JAPAN R4115
$657.11 EUR
MPP Micro Technical  5x4 Camera  Large Format with accessories bundle
$834.67 EUR
8x10 inch pinhole camera, vermeer pinhole, large format
Buy: $111.66 EUR
Film camera Salyut with Industar 29  + prism 6x6cm 120 film USSR Hasselblad copy
Buy: $240.99 EUR
【MINT】 Sinar P2 4x5 Large Format Camera + Nikkor W 150mm f/5.6 S Lens From Japan
$1526.28 EUR
[Excellent+++++] Sinar F 4x5 Large Format Camera body from japan #224
$433.71 EUR
Topcon Horseman 45HF Large Format Film Camera
$546.25 EUR
MINT YAYOI SEIKO BOSSY VIEW 515 4×5 w/ Symmar 150mm f/5.6 + FilmHolder #806
$481.83 EUR
【MINT in Hard Case】Sinar P 4x5 Large Format View Film Camera from Japan 0254N
$561.51 EUR
[Exc+++] Topcon Horseman VH-R + Topcor 105mm f3.5 Seiko-SLV From Japan #1481271
$401.57 EUR
[Near Mint] Toyo Field 45A Large Format + Cut Film Holder x 5 From Japan #502242
$682.73 EUR
Sinar P large format front standard bearer 4x5"
Buy: $146.07 EUR
Linhof Super Technika iii w/APO Symmar 210mm f5.6 lens, 4x5
Buy: $682.01 EUR
Exc+++ Wista 45D Large Format Field Camera w/FUJINON W 125mm F5.6 From Japan
$425.75 EUR
EXC CONDITION LINHOF TECHNIKARDAN 45 Large Format Camera. Vat Incl in Price!
Buy: $1409.91 EUR
【Exc++++】GRAFLEX  Super GRAPHIC w/ OPTAR 127/4.5,Symmar 180/5.6, from Japan  
$401.65 EUR
【Exc+++++】 LINHOF KARDAN ST-E 45  4x5 large Format Film Camera From Japan
$361.48 EUR
Panfield 4x5 camera w/ extension back, Case and lots of extras
Buy: $1927.94 EUR
【MINT】HORSEMAN WOODMAN 45 Large format Field Camera w/NIKKOR-W 135mm 5.6 Lens
$803.3 EUR
【Mint】 Sinar F2 4x5 Large format Camera w/ Case Film Holder x4 from Japan #319
$562.31 EUR
Toyo Field 45A II Large Format Film Camera / Linhof, Wista Board Use
$626.58 EUR
[TOP MINT] Horseman 45HF 4x5 Large Format Folding Field Camera from japan #845
$601.68 EUR
【MINT】 Wista 45SP 4x5 Large Format Field Film Camera Late model From Japan #241
$963.96 EUR
Rodenstock Apo Gerogon S 270mm F11
Buy: $224.46 EUR
【Excellent+++++】Large Format 8x10 inch Camera Cut Film Holder x2 From Japan W029
$184.67 EUR
SINAR 4x5 F1
$329.91 EUR
SINAR F1 4x5
$360.36 EUR
SINAR F1 4x5
$348.18 EUR
[TOP MINT+++] Toyo 810MII 810M II Large Format Field Film Camera from japan #94
$3212.44 EUR
Rare! Almost MINT Plaubel Peco Profia 4x5 Large Format Camera from Japan a803
$240.98 EUR
$583.69 EUR
MPP Micro Technical Mk VII - Type II - M.P.P. -
$573.54 EUR
MPP Micro Technical Mk VII - M.P.P. -
$370.51 EUR
MPP Micro Technical Mk VII  - M.P.P. -
$445.63 EUR
MPP Micro Technical Mk VII - M.P.P. -
$547.15 EUR
[MINT+++] Linhof Master Technika 45RF 4x5 Large Format Camera from Japan #165
$1847.53 EUR
MPP Monorail 5x4 - M.P.P. -
$484.21 EUR
【MINT】Linhof Master Technika 4x5 Camera + APO Symmar 180mm F5.6 MC from JP W878
$1847.6 EUR
WISTA Field Camera - 4x5 - Folding Wood Camera -
$888.23 EUR
**TOP MINT** HORSEMAN 45FA Large Format Field Camera Black Body Only From Japan
$706.83 EUR
EXC+++++ Sinar F2 Large Format Film Camera + CM Fujinon W 150mm F5.6 from Japan
$642.57 EUR
RARE MINT in BOX Sinar P2 4x5 Large Format Camera w/ORIGINAL HANDBOOK From Japan
$1525.48 EUR
WIDEPAN WP617-A Panoramic + 90mm 5.6 Super Angulon XL 110° + Center Filter IVa
$3304.25 EUR
WISTA RF Field Camera - 4x5 - Folding Metal Camera -
$1202.92 EUR
ARCA Swiss C 4x5 Camera 9x12 + Revolving Back
$593.33 EUR
$586.52 EUR
HORSEMAN 450EM Extending Rail 4x5
$532.93 EUR
SINAR P3 Front Frame + Hex Adapter - part 472.41.00 -
$329.91 EUR
Toyo 45A (4x5 Large Format Film Camera) in bundle with Schneider 150mm f/5.6  <br/> Includes 5 4x5 film Catridges and Darkroom bag.
Buy: $954.87 EUR
SINAR P2 4x5 + Metering Back
$1111.56 EUR
SINAR P2 4x5 + Metering Back
$1213.07 EUR
TOYO GX 4x5 + Revolving Back
$837.47 EUR
【NEAR MINT in Case】 Sinar P2 4X5 Large Forma Camera w/100mm F3.5 Ffrom Japan#533
$1204.96 EUR
SINAR F2 4x5 + Metering Back
$603.99 EUR
ARCA Swiss Super Pro 4x5 Camera 9x12
$1704.4 EUR
SINAR LC Shutter 100 - Part 551.65.020 -
$593.84 EUR
ARCA Swiss Pro 1 + Revolving Back
$668.45 EUR
ARCA Swiss B 6x9 Camera
$532.43 EUR
Mentor Goltz U.Baumann Large Format Camera with Carl Zeiss Jena 15cm 4,5
Buy: $524.62 EUR
SINAR P1 4x5
$705.51 EUR
SINAR P1 4x5
$689.26 EUR
$486.24 EUR