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185648078X Hardcover THE SEASONS. Louis. Lawrence Very Good
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READ THE WORLD. Fifth Anniversary Sampler. MacLehose Press 2008-2013.,MacLehose
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THE SEASONS., Lawrence, Louis., Used; Very Good Book
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THE FIRESIDE BOOK : 1992., Hope, David., Used; Very Good Book
Buy: $8.13 EUR
Alexander, Calvert - The Catholic Literary Revival - HB 1935 Literary Criticism
$10.0 EUR
1827 3vol Letters Written by the Earl of Chesterfield to His Son Philip Dormer S
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Alfred Joseph Parkes (b.1862, Poet) Two Unpublished? Manuscript Books of Essays
$211.79 EUR
$160.26 EUR
1853 Life of Sir Walter Scott, Begun by Himself & Continued by JG Lockhart -TBLO
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T. E. Lawrence Men in Print. Essays in Literary Criticism;Limited Numbered Ed
Buy: $228.96 EUR
 The Court Masque - Enid Welsford - 1927, 1st edition - Poetry Revels Theatre
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LORD BYRON; English Bards and Scottish Reviewers - A Satire - 1810 - Scarce Poem
$148.81 EUR
JOHN DRYDEN 1673 First Edition of 'The Assignation', Henry Herringman VERY RARE
$457.92 EUR
SIGNED: Look back in Anger by John Osborne - 1976 - A Play in Three Acts/Theatre
$228.95 EUR
SIGNED/Ltd 1050: Rudyard Kipling, Bombay 1913-27, 26 Volume Set, Complete Works
$1431.01 EUR
Full 9 Volume Set - The Plays of William Shakspeare - 1811 (Shakespeare) Leather
$572.4 EUR
1883 2vols LORD MACAULAY Life & Letters Leatherbound
Buy: $228.95 EUR
1775 The Royal Kalendar Complete Annual Register Political History
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1730 2vols Thomae Chaii Vindiciae Antiquitatis Academiae Oxoniensis Contra Joann
Buy: $915.85 EUR
1955 Adam's Rib and Other Anomalous Elements in the Hebrew Creation Myth Graves
Buy: $154.55 EUR
Alhambra, or The New Sketch Book by Geoffrey Crayon - 1832 (Washington Irving)
$45.78 EUR
$11.44 EUR
The Wasteland by T S Elliot facsimile & transcript of original drafts Ezra Pound
Buy: $22.88 EUR
1798 Dr Johnson's (Samuel) Table-Talk Aphorisms on Literature Life & Manners
$200.34 EUR
Leslie Stephen - Hours in a Library - 'New' Edition
$44.59 EUR
Norman St John-Stevas - Works of Walter Bagehot - The Literary Essays - 1st
$40.01 EUR
1779 Lives of the English Poets Criticism Works Samuel JOHNSON First Dublin Ed
$343.45 EUR
1885 Shakespeare Notes by Friedrich August Leo HB - Scarce
$51.52 EUR
SAMUEL BECKETT Krapp's Last Tape; Theatre Workbook 1 1980 HB DW 1st
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1951 Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763 Journal Of My Jaunt Harvest 1762 Deluxe
$143.1 EUR
Nouveaux Contes Moraux - Marmontel - 1792 - French Literature (Volumes 1 & 2)
$45.78 EUR
The Art of Beatrix Potter-Moore/Linder/Warne(1955) Revd.1972,Reprint 1975
$8.57 EUR
The Poetical Works of Charles Churchill: 3 Volume Set-Bell's British Poets-1793
$65.24 EUR
A Passion in Tatters by Annie Thomas (Mrs Pender Cudlip) 1873 - Victorian Novel
$57.23 EUR
Isle of Palms by John Wilson - 1812-1st/Queen's Wake - James Hogg - 1815, Poetry
$80.13 EUR
Poesies Diverses de M Thomas - 1767 - French Leather Fine Binding, Poetry/Essays
$57.23 EUR
JAMES ELLROY: Clandestine - 1984-1st Ed Hardcover, Crime/Police Fiction, Novel
$80.13 EUR
James Joyce's Ulysses - A Study by Stuart Gilbert 1958 PB
$11.44 EUR
Claudine, or Humility, the Basis of All the Virtues - 1822-1st - Mary Budden
$114.47 EUR
Nundinae Sturbrigienses by Thomas Hill - 1709 - Rare Latin Poem, Poetry - Scarce
$114.47 EUR
Vilona of the Blue Mountains - R A Warren - 1918-1st - Very Rare, Self Published
$114.47 EUR
HENRY DAVRAY (Ltd 1/12) Lettres D'Amour d'une Anglaise - 1902-1st - French Lit
$114.47 EUR
JEAN PAUL SARTRE; Les Chemins de la Liberte - French Leather Bindings, 3 Vol Set
$114.47 EUR
Framley Parsonage; Anthony Trollope - 1860 True First Ed, Cornhill Magazine 1-3
$171.71 EUR
$114.47 EUR
GEORGE BUCHANAN: Scottish Poetry - 1687 - Scoti Poemata Quae Exant, Scots Lit
$148.81 EUR
Essays Biographical and Critical Chiefly on English Poets by David Masson 1856
$8.27 EUR
James Russell Lowell: My Study Windows. Hardback, First Edition, USA, 1871.
$11.45 EUR
Marcel Proust and his Contexts - Russell Taylor *Very good hardback*
$8.53 EUR
A History of English Criticism by George Saintsbury *Good 1955 hard cover*
$7.45 EUR
From THOMAS HARDY to WILLIAM FAULKNER - John Rabbetts (1989 1st Ed) Wessex VG+
$28.62 EUR
WOMEN & SEXUALITY in the Novels of THOMAS HARDY - Rosemarie Morgan (1988) SIGNED
$28.62 EUR
Degrees of Freedom: The NOVELS of IRIS MURDOCH - A. S. Byatt (1965 1st Ed) w d/j
$28.62 EUR
1691 First Edition of De la Critique by Cesar Vischard de Sant Real
Buy: $429.31 EUR
FRANZ KAFKA First Grief short story 1st UK printing Life and Letters Summer 1937
Buy: $42.93 EUR
JOHN MIDDLETON MURRY - signed - Unprofessional Essays 1956 1st/1st HB DW
Buy: $37.21 EUR
IRVING MALIN - signed - The Deceptions of Muriel Spark 1970 Offprint; lit crit
Buy: $30.85 EUR
Victorian and Edwardian Era BRITISH LITERARY MAGAZINES 1837-1913 1st HB
Buy: $22.9 EUR
Andrew Lang - Essays In Little - 1891 Antique Hardback - Essays Famous Authors
$34.33 EUR
The Lost Childhood And Other Essays, Graham Greene, 1951, Eyre & Spottiswoode
$45.78 EUR
C1870 The Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster Two Volumes in One Illustrated
$22.84 EUR
1994 The Fifty Sixth Volume of the Walpole Society Ledger Sir Francis Chantrey
Buy: $45.79 EUR
1904 The Double Garden Maurice Maeterlinck Second Edition Essays A T de Mattos
Buy: $45.79 EUR
1924 The Author's Thames by Gordon S Maxwell Illustrated by Lucilla Maxwell
Buy: $45.78 EUR
POEMS of Sir Philip Sidney Elizabethan Poetry FINE BINDING John Drinkwater edn
$74.41 EUR - 1 bid
1933 A Communication to My Friends George Moore Nonesuch Press Limited Ed First
Buy: $68.69 EUR
1930 Desert Islands and Robinson Crusoe Walter De La Mare Rex Whistler First Ed
Buy: $74.41 EUR
1915 Crown of Wild Olive Cestus of Aglaia John Ruskin Industry and War
Buy: $80.13 EUR
1925 The Cornhill Magazine ed Leonard Huxley Short Story Poems Literary Critic
Buy: $54.95 EUR
1961 New Maps of Hell A Survey of Science Fiction Kingsley Amis
Buy: $77.85 EUR
1810 A Treatise on Self Knowledge John Mason Religion Morality Self Help
Buy: $57.23 EUR
1867-1871 Shakespeare Illustrated and Shakespeare's Euphuism Wiliiam Rushton
Buy: $452.2 EUR
1994 You Can't Do Both Kingsley Amis First Edition Limited Edition Signed
Buy: $137.38 EUR
1837 4vols  LITERATURE EUROPE Fifteenth Sixteenth Seventeenth HENRY HALLAM
Buy: $188.89 EUR
1910 TENNYSON As a Student & Poet of Nature LOCKYER 1st
Buy: $137.38 EUR
1629 Bacon Certaine Miscellany Works of the Right Hon Francis Lo Verulam First
Buy: $1574.12 EUR
1922 Baconian Essays E. W. Smithson and George Greenwood First Edition Signed
Buy: $114.47 EUR
1899-1900 2vols The Penny Pictorial Magazine Volumes II and IV Fashion Social Ar
Buy: $97.31 EUR
1870 Shakespeare and the Emblem Writers by Henry Green Illustrated First Edition
Buy: $194.62 EUR
1882 2vol Critical and Historical Essays Thomas Babington Macaulay Riviere Bindi
Buy: $137.38 EUR
1902 POETRY New Studies Literature Goethe Dowden Donne
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1805 NECROLOGY Eminent and Extraordinary Characters
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1794 Three Essays Picturesque Beauty Travel Sketching Landscape William Gilpin
Buy: $389.24 EUR
1813 Sources of Pleasures William GREENFIELD LIT CRIT
Buy: $732.68 EUR
1834 Introductions to the Study of the Greek Classic Poets H N Coleridge Second
Buy: $257.58 EUR
1875 2Vols London Society Magazine Volumes XXVII And XVIII Leather Binding
Buy: $251.86 EUR
1798 Natural Religion Insufficient & Man's Happiness T. Halyburton Very Scarce
Buy: $372.07 EUR
1836 Conversations at CAMBRIDGE by R. A. Wilmott
Buy: $143.1 EUR
1796 12vol The Works of Samuel Johnson Arthur Murphy New Edition
Buy: $858.61 EUR
1913 The Splendid Wayfaring Haldane Macfall Selection of Arts Essays Illustrated
Buy: $103.02 EUR
1735 The Life and Military Actions of His Royal Highness Fancis Eugene of Savoy
Buy: $1373.78 EUR
1650-1713 Seven Scarce Biographical Pamphlets Lancelot Andrews Pompey Milton
Buy: $2575.84 EUR
1806-9 Works JOANNA SOUTHCOTT Prophetess Shiloh FIRST
Buy: $2747.55 EUR
1776 Johnsoniana Or A Collection of Bon Mots With Choice Sentences Dr S Johnson
Buy: $1373.78 EUR
1812 2 vols in 1 Madame de Stael De La Litterature French Literature
Buy: $143.1 EUR
1829 English Master Reasoning Composition William Banks Language Fine Writing
Buy: $114.47 EUR
1887 PERIODICAL English Illustrated Magazine 1886-1887
Buy: $91.57 EUR
1740 The Memoirs of the Regency of the Duke of Orleans Very Scarce
Buy: $183.17 EUR
1803 The Life of Richard Earl Howe by George Mason
Buy: $137.38 EUR
1942 The Life of Sir J J Thomson Cambridge Lord Rayleigh Smart Binding
Buy: $171.72 EUR