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Original Vintage British Telecom Office Wall Clock Retro1970s
$35.99 EUR
Retro 1950s Westclox Red & Black electric wall clock. NOT Tested!!
Buy: $30.0 EUR
Westclox 32897FL 12-Inch Floral Wall Clock, Ivory
Buy: $11.35 EUR
Westclox Mantle Clock ~ Handmade ~ Works!
$6.48 EUR
Classic Wall Clock 24" Round Oversized - Westclox 32213-DS
Buy: $41.69 EUR
Westclox Daffy Duck Golf Golfing Quartz Wall Clock
Buy: $20.85 EUR
Vintage Westclox alarm travel windup clock with date calendar
$12.96 EUR
Vintage Westclox Elegant Victorian Painted Flowers Floral Travel Alarm Clock VTG
$18.52 EUR
Vintage Westclox Yellow Big Ben Moon Beam Clock
$15.01 EUR
Westclox Lumina Drowse Dialite Alarm Electric Clock Model 22448
Buy: $16.68 EUR
Westclox 36400 Vintage Mickey Mouse Pluto Alarm Clock SHIPS FREE!
Buy: $27.79 EUR
Westclox 12" Round Bird Watcher Wall Clock Battery-Operated Ships US Seller
$27.79 EUR
Vintage Westclox Travel Alarm Clock Wind Up 2.5"
$27.74 EUR
Westclox Double Bell with Second Alarm Dial Nickel Finish Made in China
$46.33 EUR
New Westclox Bluetooth Digital Clock Radio 81012BT
$18.52 EUR
WESTCLOX Digital Alarm Clock White 1147
$17.6 EUR
Westclox 14" Black Electric Wall
Buy: $31.74 EUR
Westclox Wall Clock - Clean. Light Tan Color. Stone Effect
$9.49 EUR
Vintage Wooden Mantle Westclox Clock Brown Battery Powered 7.5 x 5.5
$16.67 EUR
Westclox Vintage Glows All Night Super Electric Retro Alarm Clock Extra Loud
$21.3 EUR
Vintage Westclox 80170 Classic AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio - tested and working
$23.63 EUR
Westclox 66705 Oversized Snooze Alarm Clock Digital LED Display - 1.8''
$12.96 EUR
Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock, Black
Buy: $27.03 EUR
Westclox Classic Alarm Clock  Analog Alarm Clock Silver Time Brushed Nickel
$8.33 EUR
Westclox Desk Clock SHERATON in Wood Case Maple Color
$18.53 EUR
46991 Simplicity 8-Inch Round Wall Clock, Black - Quantity 1
Buy: $13.34 EUR
Westclox Wrought Iron Style 12
Buy: $18.55 EUR
Westclox Big Ben Black Chrome Oval Wall Clock 9 x 11
$25.98 EUR
Westclox Quartzmatic vintage carriage clock wood glass and brass.working.
Buy: $24.0 EUR
Wall Clock 23”
Buy: $27.8 EUR
Westclox Alarm Clock & Am Fm Radio (Portable)  *WORKING*
Buy: $4.17 EUR
Westclox 46983 Wall Clock, Round, Analog, Burgundy Frame
Buy: $11.74 EUR
Buy: $55.18 EUR
Westclox 8" Analog Quartz Coffee Cup Brown Wall Clock 32038
Buy: $12.0 EUR
Westclox Ultra Thin Folding Travel LCD Alarm Clock with Temperature Model# 70015
$18.3 EUR
Vintage Westclox Wind-Up Alarm Clock 4 1/4"
Buy: $7.41 EUR
Buy: $35.9 EUR
WORKING Retro Root Beer Float Clock
Buy: $11.12 EUR
Modern Wooden Mantle Westclox Clock 7x10 Brown Quartz (Battery Powered)
$50.84 EUR
Analogue Metal Twin Bell Alarm Clock
Buy: $27.79 EUR
Buy: $13.25 EUR
Westclox 33215BK 10-Inch Black and White Wall Clock 33215BK
Buy: $12.0 EUR
Westclox Big Ben Wind-Up Alarm Clock 75-102 2A
$18.53 EUR
Westclox 33171S 20" See Thru Wall Clock Silver <br/> Over a million satisfied customers since 2002
Buy: $28.49 EUR
Westclox Electric / Battery Clock Radio
$14.82 EUR
Westclox 36014AW-16 16-Inch Antique White Panel Clock
Buy: $50.33 EUR
Job Lot Of Two Vintage Westclox Electric Wall Clocks For Restoration
$54.0 EUR
Westclox 33202L 10-Inch Love Paws Wall Clock, Gray
Buy: $10.15 EUR
Westclox Digital Alarm Clock Radio (Model No. 80181)
$8.42 EUR
Westclox 12" See Through Wrought Iron Appearance Wall Clock USA Seller
$27.79 EUR
Westclox clock, transistorized, non-alarm, international times.   Item:  9699
$40.77 EUR
Westclox 33215BK 10-Inch Black Wall Clock
Buy: $21.45 EUR
Vintage 1960's Westclox Mechanical Quartz Wall Clock - Green White Pocket Watch
$55.57 EUR
Westclox 10" Red Apple Quartz Wall Clock Battery Operated Perfect Teacher Gift
$23.15 EUR
Westclox 32897MK 12-Inch Mom's Kitchen Wall Clock, Ivory
Buy: $11.35 EUR
Westclox Black 7.75" Translucent Wall Clock Second Hand Battery-Operated
$16.67 EUR
Westclox 12" Round Pretty Floral Wall Clock BatteryOperated Ships from US Seller
$27.79 EUR
Clock with Temperature and Humidity Gauges
Buy: $40.99 EUR
WESTCLOX(R) 33883P Westclox(R) 10" Realistic Woodgrain Wall Clock
Buy: $23.33 EUR
Westclox Big Ben 47385 - 1939 Reproduction Travel ORANGE Alarm Clock
$12.96 EUR
Buy: $13.4 EUR
Westclox Classic Retro Analog Alarm Clock with Beautiful Chrome Bezel
$18.52 EUR
Westclox 32897BS 12-Inch Bird Wall Clock
Buy: $24.04 EUR
Westclox 12" Round Butterfly Wall Clock
$37.02 EUR
Alarm Clock to Charge Years 80 'New' Outer White and Gold Tone
Buy: $42.84 EUR
Westclox Wall Clock 32189A  - 1 Each
Buy: $22.4 EUR
Vintage Wooden Strawberry Design wall clock by Quartz Westclox 10 inches
Buy: $27.79 EUR
WESTCLOX(R) 33027 Westclox(R) 12" Indoor/Outdoor Wall Clock
Buy: $15.59 EUR
WESTCLOX(R) 32213 Westclox(R) 24" Oversized Classic Clock
Buy: $38.17 EUR
Buy: $9.3 EUR
Westclox 75032 Classic Retro Alarm Clock with Chrome Bezel
Buy: $30.73 EUR
Westclox 32897FL 12-Inch Floral Wall Clock
Buy: $24.04 EUR
Westclox 32032 Wall Clock, Round, Analog, Dark Brown Frame
Buy: $14.87 EUR
NEW! WESTCLOX Wound Wall Clock 9" Aluminum 36001
$17.14 EUR
Westclox Alarm Clock 0.9" Blue Led Display
Buy: $13.89 EUR
Alarm Clock to Charge Years 80 'New' Outer White and Golden
Buy: $42.93 EUR
Alarm Clock to Charge Years 80 'New' Outer White and Gold
Buy: $42.93 EUR
Buy: $19.88 EUR
 Westclox 12" Round Live Love Laugh Message Clock
Buy: $21.26 EUR
Westclox 38004 15" Round Wood Wall Clock
Buy: $37.68 EUR
Westclox 11" Round Live, Love, Laugh Wall Clock
Buy: $23.12 EUR
Southwest Pacific Wall Clock Westclox Vintage Railroad Railway
Buy: $44.48 EUR
Westclox Digital AM/FM Radio Projection Alarm Clock 80208
Buy: $17.98 EUR
Big Ben Classic Silver Metal Alarm Clock
Buy: $9.26 EUR
Westclox 10" Blonde Woodgrain Wall Clock Quartz Analog USA Seller
$23.15 EUR
Westclox 75064 Metal Bell Tabletop Alarm Clock
Buy: $23.9 EUR
Westclox 33908 20" Wall Clock
Buy: $27.75 EUR
Westclox 70045 Smart Backlight Alarm Clock
Buy: $38.38 EUR
WESTCLOX(R) 49832 Westclox(R) Indoor/Outdoor Clock with Temperature & Humidit...
Buy: $28.77 EUR
Westclox 32042R Retro 1950 Kitchen Wall Clock, 9.5-Inch, Red Metal
$25.01 EUR
Westclox  8 in. Gray  Alarm Clock  Analog
Buy: $36.21 EUR
Westclox 32042R 9.5-Inch Retro 1950s Kitchen Wall Clock
Buy: $35.06 EUR
Westclox 80181 LED Display Alarm Clock Radio with Easy Set Radio Tuning
$9.26 EUR
Westclox 32067 14" Round Office Wall Clock
Buy: $26.22 EUR
Westclox Alarm Clock Beige Brushed Stainless Steel Case, Metal Bezel
$11.11 EUR
Westclox 12" Filigree Rubbed Bronze Finish Clock
Buy: $21.26 EUR
Westclox Wall Clock Brown 26261
$7.81 EUR
Westclox 46991A 9" Decorative Wall Clock (Black)
Buy: $18.81 EUR
Westclox Big Ben Twin Bell Alarm Clock 70010G
$13.89 EUR
Westclox Charming White Distressed Metal Bird Table Clock Battery Op USA Seller
$27.79 EUR