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Used Hasselblad 500C/M with 80mm f2.8 CF lens, WLF and A12 back (Box, SH19886)
$1037.86 EUR
Hasselblad 503CW Gold / Blue Set <br/> Made for the Kodak European Gold Awards
Buy: $4329.24 EUR
Near Mint Hasselblad  2000 FCW Body mit Magazin A12 wie neu 80716
$550.0 EUR
Hasselblad 500C  Body
$370.0 EUR
Hasselblad A12 Film Back
Buy: $126.99 EUR
Exc+++ Hasselblad 500 CM C/M Medium Format Camera Body Film Back A-12 From Japan
$526.09 EUR
Hasselblad 503CW Gehäuse Black #19SS28130 + Winder CW + IR Remote
$998.0 EUR
HASSELBLAD Acute Matte D - 42217 Split Prism Screen - Excellent Condition
Buy: $375.2 EUR
【MINT】Hasselblad 500 C/M CHROME Medium Format A12 Film From Japan #365
$535.08 EUR
Hasselblad 503CX SET !
Buy: $1500.0 EUR
Hasselblad 1957 SWA Super wide Camera 38mm Biogon (AKVI). Condition – 8E [5838]
Buy: $981.24 EUR
Hasselnuts "Upgraded" (HN-10) Digital Back for Hasselblad 500, iPhone 4s, 5, 5s  <br/> Free shipping within USA / Ships to world wide
Buy: $266.65 EUR
Hasselblad Planar CF 3,5/100 T* 
Buy: $480.0 EUR
Hasselblad MUTAR Converter, close to Mint Condition
Buy: $288.62 EUR
Hasselblad 503 CXi body with 80mm f2.8 Planar and two A12 backs
Buy: $1500.8 EUR
Hasselblad XPan 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera w/ 45mm and 90mm lenses
$1805.94 EUR - 15 bids
*EXC++* Hasselblad 500CM medium format + 80mm f2.8 CF T* 2.8/80 500 + A12 late
$1037.86 EUR
Hasselblad 2XE Converter, nr. Mint Condition (UK 2004 price £1,100)
Buy: $329.02 EUR
Hasselblad 503CX pro black WLF AcuteMatte A-12 80mm CFT*Planar Extras
$1327.03 EUR
EXC+++ HASSELBLAD SONNAR C 250mm F5.6 T* Carl Zeiss From Japan #Z235
$142.68 EUR
*EXC* Hasselblad XPAN Panoramic Film Camera 45mm f4 45/4 X-pan 45 1:4
$2561.75 EUR
Hasselblad X1D inkl. 19% MwSt. Kaufdatum 24.02.17 mit Rechnung
Buy: $8600.0 EUR
Hasselblad Acute Matte Screen 42165 - Great Upgrade for 500CM V Series Cameras
Buy: $148.93 EUR
Hasselblad 500C all excellent WLF 150 mm Sonnar C-12 Extras
$649.25 EUR
【NEAR MINT】Hasselblad 500 ELM Medium Format Camera 70mm Film Back from Japan#298
$321.05 EUR
【EXC+++++】Hasselblad 500C 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only from Japan #576
$356.72 EUR
Hasselblad 1989 553ELX Camera Body – AA cells (10167). Condition – 5E [5658]
Buy: $253.92 EUR
【MINT】Hasselblad 500 C/M Medium Format Film Camera + A12 III From Japan #1443
$624.19 EUR
[NEAR MINT] Hasselblad 500C/M CM Medium Format Film camera, from JAPAN 0429
$481.57 EUR
Hasselblad 1990 503CX Black Body & Acute Matte (10172). Condition – 3E [5489]
Buy: $692.62 EUR
【NEAR MINT】Hasselblad 500C/M black Film Camera A12 III from Japan #507
$891.81 EUR
Hasselblad 500 EL 24 Exp Back W/L Finder Batteries Charger - COLLECTOR CONDITION
Buy: $468.21 EUR
【NEAR MINT+】HASSELBLAD 500CM BLACK + Planar 80mm F2.8 T* A12 II From Japan 514
$1159.36 EUR
HASSELBLAD 503CX Black Medium Camera Body + A12 Film Back [EXCELLENT] From Japan
$667.97 EUR
Hasselblad  PME 90
$370.0 EUR
NEW  Original Hasselblad C Or CF Lens Drive Spring.  Spare Part for Lenses
Buy: $22.51 EUR
Hasselblad 500ELM Hassey Prism Viewer 50 A-24 120/220 BARGAIN+ Extras
$650.14 EUR
*MINT-* Hasselblad 500CM Classic 50 Years Anniversary + 80mm f2.8 CF T* 2.8/80
$1529.66 EUR
NEAR MINT++ Hasselblad 500C/M body w/planar T* 80mm F/2.8 Lens from Japan #68291
$1159.36 EUR
【Exc+++】Hasselblad 500 C Medium Format Film Camera + A12 II From Japan #1448
$419.07 EUR
【For Parts】 Hasselblad 501CM Body w/Waist Level Finder, A12 Magazine JAPAN #2561
$809.77 EUR
Hasselblad 2000 FC Chrom + Sehr Gut (749369)
$499.0 EUR
Buy: $499.0 EUR
HASSELBLAD SWC-M Chome Carl Zeiss 38mm f4.5 Biogon Mag. 120
$1615.09 EUR
Hasselblad Magazine A12 #238
$149.0 EUR
Hasselblad level 903/905SWC
Buy: $79.66 EUR
Hasselblad HV Digital SLR, Rare MINT example, Low 5k Shutter count
Buy: $2308.92 EUR
HASSELBLAD SWC M CAMERA 38mm CT T* 38 1:4.5 Mag.A12 Kit Swc m *EXC
$2019.16 EUR
Hasselblad 500C/M Camera. Matched 1986 outfit (10022). Condition – 4C [4448]
Buy: $1154.41 EUR
Hasselblad Step Up Ring 50-60. MINT & UNUSED Condition
Buy: $40.41 EUR
Hasselblad SWC/M Superwide 38mm f4.5 CF T* Biogon 1:4.5/38 + A12 last type
$1810.2 EUR
Buy: $1010.16 EUR
Hasselblad Magazin A-12 in Black
Buy: $109.0 EUR
Hasselblad 80mm Planar CT* - Carl Zeiss Lens - MINT
Buy: $518.35 EUR
Hasselblad  H3D-39 39.0 MP Digital SLR Camera Kit w/ 100mm + 80mm Lens + 2 Batt
Buy: $6058.28 EUR
[NEAR MINT] Hasselblad 500C Medium Format  w/ A12 II Film Back, from JAPAN
$490.49 EUR
Hasselblad H2 Body + Sehr Gut (215163)
$559.0 EUR
Buy: $865.85 EUR
*MINT-* Hasselblad Meter Prism Finder PME TTL 42293 45° boxed 500CM 501CM 503CW
$299.01 EUR
Hasselblad H4D-60
Buy: $6348.4 EUR
Hasselblad H5D-50
Buy: $7041.07 EUR
Hasselblad Magazin A-12 Black + Sehr Gut (749364)
Buy: $179.0 EUR
Buy: $1099.0 EUR
[Near Mint] Hasselblad 503cx with planner T 80mm f2.8 lens and strap
Buy: $1892.17 EUR
【Near Mint in Box】Hasselblad A12 Type II 6x6 Roll Film Back Magazine From Japan
$159.64 EUR
$79.89 EUR
*EXC++* Hasselblad 903 SWC Superwide 38mm f4.5 CF T* Biogon 1:4.5/38 + A12 late <br/> Very nice BLACK 903 SWC
$2423.22 EUR
Hasselblad H4D H4D-40 40.0 MP Medium format w/ Digital Back
Buy: $3682.22 EUR
Hasselblad SWC T* Biogon camera in chrome (10049). Condition – 4E [5339]
Buy: $1616.19 EUR
Hasselblad 100MM f3.5 C T* Lens (20125). Condition – 4E [5964]
Buy: $519.45 EUR
*EXC+* Hasselblad XPAN II Panoramic Film Camera + 45mm f4 45/4 4460 actuations
$2307.77 EUR
【Near Mint+++】Hasselblad  500C/M 500CM W/A12 Film Back Body&Knob with Exposure
$757.96 EUR
Hasselblad SWC C BIOGON C 38mm f/4.5 T*  A12 Back Viewfinder Box *EXC*
$2250.05 EUR
Hasselblad 503CXi mit Carl Zeiss Planar 2,8 80mm T* CF Objektiv
$1499.0 EUR
Hasselblad 555 ELD 10279 BOXED
$1299.0 EUR
 *EXC++* Hasselblad 500CM Classic + 80mm f2.8 CF T* 2.8/80 + A12 late type
$1153.31 EUR
Hasselblad 201F Camera body with A12 back [Very Good] from Japan (333-K48)
$890.04 EUR
Hasselblad Zucher
$250.0 EUR
Hasselblad HM 16-32 film holder magazine back H1 H2 H4X 3033016 boxed EXC++
$230.89 EUR
Hasselblad 553ELX Black Mittelformatkamera
Buy: $415.0 EUR
Hasselblad Planar 80 mm 2.8 Silber + Sehr Gut (749366)
$499.0 EUR
Fotodiox Crystal Medium Format Camera Display Model Replica of Hasselblad 503CM
$99.9 EUR
【NEAR MINT+++】 Hasselblad 503CX Black w/A12 Ⅲ,CF Planar 80mm F2.8,From Japan
$1560.68 EUR
 *EXC++* Hasselblad 500CM Classic 50 Years Anniversary + 80mm f2.8 CF T* 2.8/80
$1384.2 EUR
【PriceOnlyNow】Mint Hasselblad A16 Film Back Magazine III 6x4.5 From Japan #128
$151.6 EUR
Phase One P25 H 101 Hasselblad H System Digital Back 22mpix CCD - in EU!
Buy: $2350.0 EUR
EXC+++++ Hasselblad 500CM 500 CM with Waist Level Finder from JAPAN #875
$374.56 EUR
Hasselblad Brochures x 8. All in Excellent Condition
Buy: $33.48 EUR
 [NEAR MINT] Hasselblad 503 CX + CF80mm f2.8,A12III Magazine from japan #28
$1515.21 EUR
 Cambo Wide DS digital medium format camera Hasselblad V-mount Cambo 50mm Finder
$1021.14 EUR
Hasselblad 500ELM all excellent WLF 150mm Sonnar A-24 Extras
$702.76 EUR
Hasselblad 500 C/M 10022 Chrome BOXED
$899.0 EUR
Hasselblad 500 CM + A12 magazine [Very Good] from Japan (88-C56)
$534.2 EUR
Hasselblad 553ELX HasseyJUST SERVICED PME90 PrismViewer150c- A24 120/220 BARGAIN
$774.99 EUR
*Excellent* Hasselblad C Carl Zeiss Distagon 40mm f4 lens from Japan #0851
$605.55 EUR
Buy: $1399.0 EUR
【TOP MINT】 Fujifilm GX645 AF Medium Format Film Hasselblad H-1 From Japan #1428
$3032.11 EUR
Hasselblad 2000FC Black Body. 3 month Warranty (10316). Condition – 5E [4902]
Buy: $461.73 EUR
Hasselblad 503CX with 12 back all in excellent working order
$692.67 EUR
HASSELBLAD BLACK 903 SWC 903SWC mit Zeiss Biogon 4,5/38 technisch optisch ok !
Buy: $1968.0 EUR