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James Lawrence Isherwood Original Oil Painting Clogs And Shawl. Authenticated
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isherwood guards painting
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James Lawrence Isherwood Original Oil 'Mevagissey' Northern Art Interest
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james lawrence isherwood Three Faces ( Original ) <br/> Painting By James Isherwood Three Face Original Oil
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James Lawrence Isherwood 1917-1998 oil on board. Continental town scene/figures
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James Lawrence Isherwood (1917-1989) Grand Canal Venice Italy, Oil on Board
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Portrait of Christopher Isherwood,Carl Van Vechten,Photographer,August 1950
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Portrait of Christopher Isherwood,W.H. Auden,Carl Van Vechten,Photographer,1939
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Portrait of Carl Van Vechten,Christopher Isherwood,at Taos,N. Mexico,1950
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Engineer-in-chief BF Isherwood,Staff,United States Navy,Federal Troops,1860
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Photo:U.S. Naval Academy,Isherwood Shop,Annapolis,Anne Arundel County,MD
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Photo:U.S. Naval Academy,Isherwood Hall,Annapolis,Anne Arundel County,MD
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Sir Joseph W. Isherwood,boat passengers,suits,ships,decks,men,Bain News Service
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Engineer-in-chief,B.F. Isherwood,soldiers,United States Civil War,personnel,1860
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Photo:Engineer-in-chief,B.F. Isherwood,soldiers,Civil War,personnel,1860 2
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Photo:Engineer-in-chief,B.F. Isherwood,soldiers,Civil War,personnel,1860 1
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